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Sprig & Fern Tinakori Road - Wellington

The Sprig and Fern Tinakori Rd Tavern in Thorndon, Wellington is simply the best place to relax, have fun and drink superbly good, naturally brewed, craft beer, ale or cider.  The tavern has 19 taps with a wide range of craft beers from Blonde to Porter and also seasonal brews and ciders.  The beer you drink in the tavern is brewed in the same way as the beer that won 10 medals at the BrewNZ International Beer Awards in 2011 in Wellington and 4 medals at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2012.

Sprig and Fern taverns do not have TVs or pokies. We won't allow unwanted distractions to get in the way of good beer and a good yarn.

The tavern has an off-license and 2l flagons are available to fill or you can bring your own vessel.  We will fill them up for you to take away and enjoy.

If you need a bite to eat the tavern serves simple bar snacks (incl. the very popular curly fries).  Cosa Nostra deliver pizzas and Indus do a curry night on Thursdays.

The Sprig and Fern Tavern on Tinakori Rd Thorndon Wellington

The Sprig and Fern sign is a welcome beacon to beer lovers in Wellington.

Tinakori Rd is a tavern where people and families get together to enjoy each others company and enjoy life in Wellington.

Everyone can have a pint at a Sprig, we are all about good beer.

Berry Cider is a popular choice too.  Not too sweet or too strong.

The Sprig and Fern Tavern on Tinakori Road has a wide selection of craft beers, ales and ciders.

"What shall we try next...?"

Reading a paper while enjoying a craft beer

Or you can just catch up on the news.

Enjoy a craft beer with bar food after work

Real "social networking".

You just find so many happy people at the Sprig!

A wide range of Nelson wines are available.

There is a quieter area upstairs away from the bar but by no means quiet.  You will still hear lots of chatter as people discuss politics, rugby, the weather, each other, beer, etc etc etc.

We serve lager, bitter, IPA, scotch ale plus many other styles of beer

A great place to meet up away from the hussle and bussle of the CBD.

Just watch all the cars and buses rush by as time slows down in the tavern. (PS. This is called "relaxing").

A crowded Sprig and Fern bar on a Friday night in Wellington

Families can relax in a safe atmosphere

Sprig and Fern Taverns are really family friendly.  Everyone meshes together in a natural, social way that is so neat.  The true meaning of "public house".

Pizzas from Cosa Nostra are available to order

The Sprig serves a range of bar snacks (including the very popular curly fries).  Cosa Nostra also delivers pizzas and Indus serve curries at the tavern on Thursday evenings.

Tasting trays are available to try different craft beers

Tasting trays are available for those new to craft beer or wanting to try a selection of new tipples.

Mmmnn...curly fries :-)

We hope you liked the photos from a Friday evening at the Tinakori Rd Sprig and Fern Tavern.  Pop in when you are next in Thorndon, say hello and try a few beers. You might find you become a regular rather quickly :-)

Prior to the opening of the tavern... the refurbishment

Sprig and Fern on Tinakori Rd in Wellington

The finished renovation of the Sprig and Fern Tavern on Tinakori Road in Thorndon, Wellington.

18 craft beers to choose from.

The message we got over the opening nights was that patrons were so glad to have a local pub like this in their part of Wellington.

A warm interior to visit from Tinakori Rd.

Very homely, a great place to relax and chat.

The "no TVs and no pokies" approach produces a bar that has a very social atmosphere, something you just have to experience for yourself.

Many of the original feature like the stove have been retained.

A place to read the paper or have a tete a tete with an old friend.

We look forward to seeing you at the Tinakori Rd Sprig.

22nd Feb Update

The building work has all but been completed, beer is on it's way to Wellington from Nelson and the taps will be tested this week.  Just the final Council paperwork then doors open...  Like the Tinakori Rd facebook page for the very latest info and news from the new Wellington Sprig.

1st Feb 2012 Update

Tnakori Rd Sprig and Fern renovation update

Can you imagine sitting here with a beer or 3 berry cider watching the Wellington world go by?

Wellington craft beer bar at Tinakori Rd

The weatherboard exterior has been totally repainted.

Wellington's first Sprig and Fern craft beer bar

Beautifully bright, airy interior with the old stove to add character.

You can just imagine seeing you mates outside through the window and saying "nah, stop for a minute, come in and have a pint"

We will keep you up to date with the renovation work.  Also visit and like the Tinakori Rd faceboook page.

Sprig and Fern Craft Beer Bar on Tinakori Road Wellington

As most people are used to seeing the former Botanic Cafe and Restaurant from the road.

Looking out onto the street from the bright interior.

The former cafe fittings before removal.

A hive of activity as the building gets remodelled to create the "Sprig and Fern" feel - no TVs, no pokies and no pool table.  Just expertly brewed craft beers and good conversation.

GIB Board going up.

The old stove is a real piece of history and looks great with the brick surround.

The name of the old cafe is removed in readiness for the Sprig and Fern name to go up.


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