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Sprig & Fern Jackson Street, Petone

The former hardware store on Jackson St in Petone was the ideal building to become the home for the Sprig and Fern Tavern craft beer bar.

Umpteen spaces to sit and chat in small and large groups. We have a hot and cold food menu and some very authentic pizzas made fresh for each order.

A craft beer bar can only be as good as the beer is sells and our taverns only sell NZ award winning S&F beer and cider brewed in sunny Nelson.  You also have a choice of mainly Nelson and Marlborough wines which we select and constantly review.

The bar, just the right height for a weary elbow to rest on.

Hayley and Michael, owners of the Petone S&F Tavern and Tinakori Road in Thorndon.

Sprig & Fern Taverns are family friendly in a way that works for everyone.  Once the kids have tried the non-alcoholic ginger beer there will be no going back.

There is that ginger beer again.  Plenty to keep the children amused, we think someone just connected four!!!

Our pint measures are real imperial pints (568 ml) served in a proper nonik glass. When you ask for a pint that is what you get at a Sprig.

A characteristic shared by all S&F taverns - the full range of craft beers and ciders on tap.  Our brewing team in Nelson make sure that your favourite brew is always available.

Lots of warm brick and natural wood to make it feel inviting and cosy.

The outdoor area has an array of bean bags to slouch in on a summer's day with your cold beer or berry cider.

A lot of effort goes into the design of each individual and unique S&F craft beer tavern.  Petone's lighting has an old world charm and a warm, soft glow.

Tasting trays, every popular with those new to craft beer or existing drinkers keen to try something different.

Try some real beers in a real pub with no noisy TVs or flashing pokies.  Just conversation and relaxation in the heart of Petone.

Opened on the 17th Sept 2013.


Sprig & Fern Jackson St
146 Jackson St

Tel: 04 566 0649


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